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    When do you guys put down 46-0-0 from lesco ?? I heard in the winter right before things start to green up and when that burst of warm weather comes that the grass (turf type tall fescue) will be as green as it gets.
  2. Hamons

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    Not a good idea. I don't ever use striagt urea - but I know lot of campanies that do. I just saw the sattement of a cutomer who was switching lawn care comapines to me. There company just put down 46-0-0. They said 10#/1000. I sure hope not.

    If you slam the grass with nitrogen right before it sstarts growing you are going to get way too much growth and set the grass up for disease and poor drought resistance.

    But hey -- it's cheap!
  3. Runner

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    Exactly. Besides stresing the plant out, thinning the cell walls considerably because of cell elongation, "snapping" a lawn out of dormancy (a common practice) is definitely not the healthiest way to go. This stuff is commonly known as the "big green special". The cheapest stuff you can buy (N is the least cost), and it gives you that quick green and the long leaf growth. So, to the average customer, they say. "Hey, this stuff must really be working! I'm getting 4-5" of growth a week, my lawn must be really healthy, since it's green and growing fast! Personally, I never touch this 46-0-0 crap Have no use for it. I'm more into CARING for the turf.
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    I agree with Runner... Never force the grass out of dormancy. It may look healthy but you're hurting the grass.
    As far as a 46-0-0, i never recommend using this. Alot of people use this as a winterizer because it's inexpensive. But, I usually tell guys to put down a winterizer with some potash. The potash will help with cold tolerance, make food for the plant, and build up cell walls, which seems to help in preventing snow mold, assumming the lawn is not left at 6 inch heigth going into the winter months.
    As far as spring time goes, around here, most guys go with a Pre-M 19-3-7 30%PPSCU. Goes down at 3/4# of N and it's slow release.
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    Here i the south I've used 4600 but only in the spring. I have had good results. I'd mixe it with the apr app of pre-m.
  6. Turfdude

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    46-0-0 should only be applied around Thanksgivingfor cool season grasses. The N will only go toward root and stem development as the grass is dormant. It will maintain a very dark green color through the winter provided the turf was already green to begin with. The only disadvantage would be if you have too much snowfall as it could result in snow mold fungus in the spring. As far as spring apps - stay away - I'm w/ Runner!!
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    we tell people we don't like too much to use it heavy in the spring.

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    makes ok ice melter

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    Dang! Stole my thunder!:p

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