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    I have a 4600 with 72" Quadcycle Deck. I acquired this recently and the mower deck belt is too loose. I see that there is a tensioner spring attached to an arm on the tensioner pulley. However, when the tensioner is moved to a location so that the belt is adequately tight, the far end of the spring is almost to the point where the chain is anchored on the deck. It appears that the belt may be too long. The spring was not attached to the spring chain when I got it. How should it be attached to the chain? I have downloaded an owner's manual but it doesn't help much. Any ideas or guidance? Thanks.
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    There are a few things to check.
    The spring may be stretched and worn, a new spring would help.
    The belt may be stretched and worn also.
    The deck pulleys may be worn out and pitted / rusted.
    All of this together makes for a loose belt on that model deck.
    We only make 2 Quadcycler belts (6 sided belt) a 60 and a 72, so you have the larger of the 2 belts, there are no longer ones.
    The chain anchors with a cotter pin in the side of the deck, if its not tight you can also check the pivot part of the tension arm, make sure it is free to move easily.
    I am guessing pulleys worn and a stretched belt, rusty pivot point on the tensioner.
    Hope this helps.

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