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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Sean Adams, Sep 14, 2006.

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    This is a brand new product I have been working on for a couple of months now.

    I am often asked from people in this industry how they can set themselves apart and do things that will make them more money and help them grow their business – without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars.

    The question became so frequent I decided to create this guide to show people how I grew my business from the ground up, with no money and no help from anyone. I went from part-time with a used push mower and a station wagon to over 150 high-end residential full service clients, 50 full service commercial clients, and over 400 fertilization and weed control clients - OVER 600 CUSTOMERS TOTAL!

    And when I say MORE MONEY I mean just a few of these 47 examples lead to an additional $100,000 in revenue! If you took advantage of all 47 examples your business could grow larger and more profitable than you ever dreamed possible!

    When I first created this guide I made a list of about 120 different things we did that directly or indirectly lead to growing the business and making more money. But I decided to narrow the list down to only the things we did that had a direct impact on getting more customers and making more money.

    I ended up with this guide of 47 proven, guaranteed ways you can set your business apart from the pack, get more customers, and make more money.

    This guide is easy to read and understand, and each of the 47 examples can be implemented with very little or no money at all.

    If you order this guide you can receive it INSTANTLY via email so you can get started immediately!

    It arrives in word format with detailed instructions on how to download it.


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