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I have a tired 48" Scag hydro drive walker which I purchased new back in 1991. This machine has treated me very well through the years, but it is time for an update. I wanted to see what makes and models others were using especially what you like/dislike about the unit. Thanks for your input. Steve


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my favorite is the lesco 48 belt with the 14 hp kawasaki.<p>WHY? because it had done me a very good job for the last four years and it's the mower I own.<p>If I owned a different brand, that brand would probably be my favorite.<p>DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR--I think lesco is hard to beat (can be had for $2100 on promotion).<p>if I had spent $4000 plus, I'd probably say the exmark hydro with floating deck was the best because that is probably what I'd buy.<p>GEO

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i have two walkbehinds...one is a 48 belt toro the other 52 belt toro both machines have been excellant with No problems they are about 6 years old other than a belts changed last year these machines have been trouble free i like the 48 belt less scalping however the new toro 52 have two new anti scap roller one the new machines..when i need to replace i would look at the 52 inch deck. both toro's have koler 14 horsepower. i would say that i am using them close to 60 hours per week with no problems I hope that will help you

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hey tim, just my opinion but i'd save the money and get a fixed deck scag instead of the ultimite scag. I demoed an ultimite scag and hate the floating deck. it's to heavy and hard to get up curbs and stuff. The deck still scalpes and digs into the ground and you can't even lift up the deck like you can on a fixed deck. otherwise it's a great machine


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Thanks guys for all your inputs. What is the benefit of the scag advantage deck? Just curious, I'd much rather hear it from you guys that actually use this equipement than from the dealer's salesman. Steve.

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