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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by oneEXMARKfan, May 20, 2001.

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    When I bought my first eXmark, I was going to get a 52" walk behind, but my dealer "steered" me towards the 48". The biggest motor I could get on either was a 17HP. At the time it made since to get a smaller deck. Was just wondering how much worse the windrowing would have been with the extra 4" cut. (was planning to get a EZ Striper from York Sheetmetal but the 52" is the smallest deck it will fit on) Thinking about getting a Turf Tracer. BTW, do hydros use less of the engine's HP, compaired to a belt drive?
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    Never thought of the EZ-striper on a walkbehind, but, I guess it will fit! (52")

    Hydros use more HP than a belt drive. Is it noticable? Dont really know, but it does take some more. If you are marginal with a belt, than the Hydro may make you unhappy with power.

    What do you mean by more windrowing?
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    That's just what the dealer said. (Had to ask my brother what "windrowing" was)
    Made it seem that it would discharge better with the 48", with the HP being the same between them.
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    Actually, if I go with the Turf TracerI will have the option of either the 52" or 60" W/ a 23 HP KAW. (I know what people are going to say......spend some more $, and get a Lazer.....oh, I will one day. Just LOVE buying toys !!! (like most brands, and types)
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    exmarkman, get the 52" turf tracer with the ecs. i would say go with the 23 hp motor and you will have no problem. let me know how you like that sucker i was gunna get one next year.
  6. oneEXMARKfan

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    Will do Joshua! (Deff. will be one with ECS)

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