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48" Bobcat belt WB north of chicago

I am looking to sell my '99 48" bobcat gear drive WB w/ a 15hp kolher command pro engine. In the last year I have put well over $600 into it since i bought it. Deck has been re painted, there was little to no rust when i bought it. New blades, plug, fuel filter, filter, oil change, fuel line, recoil rope, tighten belts this spring. RUNS GREAT. Starts first pull every time. I am looking to get $1400. i have attached some pictures of the mower itself, and some stripes from this mower(i can get more pics, just let me know what you want).





I also have a jumbo grass gobbler catcher that i can throw in with the mower, bracket already on the mower.....catcher itself has a couple of dents here and there but no rust or holes. I need to sell this by the end of next week...