48" bunton-goodall?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nickel2274, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I have a friend who has a 48" bunton-goodall sitting in a garage. He says it has a blown motor and has been sitting there for years. This mower looks brand new, hardley has any scratches on it and does not ever have a spec of rust. He said he would sell it, not sure what year it is, and not sure what I should offer for it. I am just worried that if I get it and replace the motor if something else goes wrong with it will it be a nightmare to get parts. I can't even find info on this mower. The color of the mower is black with bunton-goodall stickers. Any help on this would be great...

  2. Keith

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    Haven't heard that name in a while. Goodall is a very old brand, but the Bunton version was probably made up until the mid-90's, give or take a few years. If I remember correctly, the Goodall was Bunton's cheaper line.

    I'd be kind of hesitant to buy it and know I was going to be several hundred deeper into it by the time I put an engine on it. Some stuff might be fairly common with other brands, but who knows.
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    Parts should not be that bad. J. Thomas and other places carry parts.

    The cost of a new engine is what this mower will be worth. Meaning I would not pay much for it as it sits with a bad engine.

    Having said that, this might not be to bad as long as it is productive for you at a reasonable cost.
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    I actually owned one. Basically a Bunton cheapened up. Had some plastic pulleys kinda flimsy. If your mechanical and it's less than a $150 OK otherwise pass on it.

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