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48" commercial Riding mower-Everride

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48" Everride Hornet

233 hours of operation
19HP Kawasaki Air Cooled Engine
48” Welded Deck
Side discharge with wide opening/ rubber chute
12 US Gal. Duel Tanks
1.5” to 5.5” Cutting height adjustment with foot pedal
Three sets of blades. one set new last season only 15hrs or so on them
trac vac attachment (no trac vac)

I am the original owner operator of this machine. It is a great machine and would be perfect for someone starting out in the lawn care business or someone looking for a compact riding mower for a larger yard. Oil has been changed at 8hrs and every 40-50hrs after that. The hydraulic oil was changed at 150hrs in the spring of 2009. The mower was washed and greased weekly and has never seen the rain. It has always been garage kept and the battery taken out and stored indoors in the winter.

Please feel free to call with any questions or to make an offer. (734)634-1625

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I was looking to get $3200-3300 it is in great shape. Make me an offer an I will see what I can do.

It stripes well it looks really nice when it is on healthy thicker lawn, but that is a given. They actually make kits for this mower now so you can stripe with it.

It also has a trac vac attactment on the rear so you could hook up a trac vac unit, but I am not letting the trac vac go unless I get $1500 for it. But the attactment was made speical for this mower. When I first purchased the mower they did not even make the attatchment or even know the specs for it. They specially fabriacted it for me.

This is a very well build machine you really have to see it to appreciate it. The problem with everride is not to many people know of the brand so everyone is like what do you have?!?! But it is build like a tank, the only thing i wish i had for this machine is the supension seat.

I would love to keep it, but I picked up some much larger yards this year and needed to upgrade. I loved this mower becuase I could fit through most 48" gates with it to get to the back yards.
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Bump- Anyone intersted? I would like to get it sold this weekend.
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