48" Cub Cadet

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnranger44, Nov 20, 2001.

  1. lawnranger44

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    I just got a call from a guy who has a 1996 48 inch Cub Cadet, good condition, low hours, and asking for $1600. I haven't seen the machine yet, but based on this information, does this sound like a good buy?
  2. kutnkru

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    Unless the machine literally has under 100 hrs on it, about 4 seasons of homeowner use I would spend that much on a 6yr old machine.

    I would think that a machine that old would be worth about $800 M..A..Y..B..E $1k if its in EXCELLENT condition and was NOT used for commercial use.

    Just my .02
  3. Chopper Lover

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    Lawn Ranger...

    I see you are only 15 years old and have to ask what the purpose of your purchase would be. Does the Cub Cadet come with any accessories? Are you just using it for mowing? Are you planning on riding it from yard to yard? What is your objective? Answers to these questions may help answer yours.

    If you are getting started in the business I would recommend shopping around for a good, used commercial walk behind. In all honesty you could buy 2 decent used walk behinds for $1600 if you shop around long enough. 2 years ago I purchased a 5 year old used 36" Scag with Velke and Grass Gobbler (metal bagger) for $875. He had an electric start 48" with Velke and Grass Gobbler right beside it for $900. I wish I had purchased it also. I would bet had I bought both I could have gotten them for $1600.

    Good Luck and Keep in Touch,
  4. Dochere

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    I saw a 1996 cub 48" unit and a 1997 cub 48" floater on ebay go for $1100, and $1250 respectivly, both less than 50 hours. In our local Tradin Times there is a cub 1997 with 900 hours on it listed for $900. At $1600 this price is way too high. Offer him half, if not wait it out.
  5. GLS

    GLS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What kind of cub cadet is it? Cuz don't they have commercial z's?
  6. Dochere

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    Good point Oryan0, I didn't evan think of their "Tank". I don't know if they made it in 1996, but if they did, and the hours are low enough, for $1600, thats not bad. Remember though, that it is an MTD, paited yellow, white, and blue.
  7. Richard Martin

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    As was pointed out it all depends on which Cub Cadet it is. They have lawn tractors that sell for well in excess of that new and this could be a good deal if you like lawn tractors.
  8. captdevo

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    they have some nice commercial w/b's that sell new for $4k+ with 48" floating decks, hydros, Kawasaki power.

    i sold a 1999 48" Floating deck, b/s 16hp intek, hydros, 75hrs. (home owner use) for $2300, it listed for $3300

    it was a nice machine, good cut, well built

    they have models and prices on their website


    i would offer $1000+/- if it is one similar

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