48" exmark viking questions

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Honerlaw-LawnCare, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Honerlaw-LawnCare

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    Okay, right now I have a john deere gs30 36" belt drive walk behind. It is a great mower but I am looking for a hydro with a bigger deck. I ran into someone right in my area that sells Brickman's exmarks after they are done using them for the year. The other day i went over to his place to check them out and nothing seemed to be wrong with them. I checked out a 2004 model that looked to be in great shape, ran smooth, deck operated good, and started on the first pull. The bad things were that the tracking was a little off which he said would be fixed easily in five minutes before i bought it. The next thing was the belts for the deck, they were pretty worn. My question for you guys is, are these machines alright or is there something i should look out for before i buy one? Thanks
  2. wowmowwow

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    ive put my 36" and 48" exmarks through heck. the belts have never been replaced. the tracking could be off by the air pressure. sounds like a good machine. buyit

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    I have an '04 Viking 36"...there's a big ol' tracking knob on the right side of the machine you just turn it one way or the other to adjust the tracking...maybe this is not on the 48???
  4. Roger

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    I agree with Hoolie, ... a simple adjustment on the knob to correct any tracking problem. In nine seasons, I rarely have touched the knob on my Viking 36" machine. I think the drive components are the same for a 36" and 48" mower.

    Belts to the mowing deck are subject to wear and/or cracking on any mower. Therefore, belts that need replacement should not necessarily be a red flag. If the wear is premature, then you have a concern. But, you have no way of knowing about premature wear, unless the belts show rubbing, or other unusual marks. Remember there is a belt underneath the rear engine deck, a belt that drives the two hydro pumps. It too will not last forever.

    Two other vunerable items: hydro pumps and motors, and spindle bearings. Swapping out spindle bearings for new ones is a simple and inexpensive repair. However, hydro components are much more costly (pumps or motors). You might check the fluid level, the color and consistency of the fluid. These systems use Mobil 1, 15W-50 synthetic oil, 1 quart. If you sense the hydro oil has not been changed in the life of the mower, then you have another red flag.
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    I have that little tracking knob too about 1/2 down right side of mower. fixed the 'slight right' pull in a jiffy when I bought it used.

    sorry if this is a bit off-topic; but.... on my 05' viking 48" when I engage the PTO the front left pulley smokes where the belt is riding it and little rubber chunks and flakes come flying out. I'm taking it to the dealer this week but have any of you seen this? Bad spindle bearings? thanks
  6. Roger

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    Is the spindle free? Or, is it very hard to turn, partially frozen? The burning belt and degeneration of the belt implies the spindle is not free to rotate. If this is the case, then you have a bearing problem.

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