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48" Exmark W/B for $2400-OBO?

The Lawn Boy Pro

LawnSite Bronze Member
Waterford, MI
Hey guys, I just got an offer on a 48" Exmark W/B.

-48" Deck
-15 HP Kaw. Engine
-Gear Drive
-ECS Handles
-1.5 years old (2002)
-less than 20 Homeowner hours on machine (none commercial)
-like showroom quality
-bought new for $3200

Wants to sell for $2400, OBO.

Good deal or not?


LawnSite Platinum Member
not really. They are that much brand new with full warranty and zero hours at many dealers. If you got it for $2000 it would be a good deal.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Originally posted by The Lawn Boy Pro
did i mention it has an extended dealer warranty of 3 years ?
No you didn't but I still don't think it's worth $2400. just my opinion. check out that link above i posted.

I gave $2000 for mine (used at a dealer) it was bought new by a LCO as a back up mower so used little. It was 3 years old at the time and bigger deck, bigger engine, floating deck and hydro drive. No warranty but fine with me... not saying you can get a deal like that, but I wouldn't pay $2400 for a used 2 year old mower that I could get new for about that much.


LawnSite Senior Member
Linton, IN
Most warranties do not transfer from the origional owner. I would check that out.


LawnSite Fanatic
Memphis, TN
eXmark will transfer warrenties under most conditions. Do a search on the eXmark forum, think its been posted there a few times.