48" Grandstand First Cut!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RodneyK, May 28, 2011.

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    Well, this is about as exciting as it gets! Pull out the new mower and excited to see almost a 1/2 tank of gas was in it from the dealer! Start it up, cut about 35 feet and it dies like it has run out of gas. Start it back up and go another 35 feet and it does it again. I don't see any gas in there so I figure wtf the gas gauge must not be working as I have heard on here about these before. So, I have to go back to the shop to get gas since I thought I had plenty! This takes about 20 minutes.

    In the meantime I check the gas shut off and it is in the run position.

    Get back with the gas and start to cut for about 20 minutes and it dies again. But, starts right back up and I continue to cut. Does it again in about 5 minutes, starts back up. I am thinking it is some sort of fuel issue. Does it again in about 5 more minutes. But, this time it does not start up. I give it 15 minutes and it starts, get it to the garage and check the oil. It is on the add oil line which makes me want to blow a gasket. A brand new mower from a great dealer and the oil is very low!

    So, I am thinking it was overheating and shutting itself down. Or, there is a low oil shut off of some sort that was cutting the engine. Could this be?

    It has a Kawaski 24HP FS691V and it is a Toro 74548.

    So if this was/is the problem how pissed at the dealer should I be? How much damage if any was done to the engine? It has .5 hours on it. What would you ask the dealer for, if anything, in exchange for this little mishap? I have not paid for this unit yet. Should I add oil and see if that was the issue or don't add oil, take it there so I can "prove" it was low? The dealer will take care of me but I am still pretty pissed. BTW I will have little or no time next week to run this thing around.

    In the end it is another lesson learned to check over a machine yourself and do not trust the dealer. Check the oil, bolts, grease and everything you can think of because it is quite possible no one else has.
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    Don't play games bring the oil level up and take it out again.
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    You are right, good advice...

    Meanwhile the dealer called me back after I texted him this afternoon. Getting a call on a Saturday night at 7:30 PM on a holiday weekend is pretty awesome service. I wasn't expecting a call back or requesting one being a holiday weekend. He is coming to my house tomorrow to see if we can figure it out. He says it sounds like a fuel issue not an oil issue. Wow, what a great dealer and great service.
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    I dont want to sound harsh,but your dealer has lazy mechanics ,checking the oil level is part of the pdi ,and not topping it up is just plain lazy .I wonder what else they didnt bother to do or check on your new machine ?
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    Check those fittings.....all of them!
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    Check the seat saftey switch.
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    that is great!

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