48" HP with a 18 Kohler

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Eddy, Jan 28, 2002.

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    Just went to an outdoor show and the Exmark dealer had a 48" HP (I believe) with an 18 Kohler for $5700.00. This is a leftover from 2001 I believe. Is this a good price? And how does an 18 Kohler hold up on a rider? I've had nothing but w/b's and mine has a 15 Kohler and you can tell the difference when riding the sulky. Thanks
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    If the unit you are looking at is a 48" with an 18 hp Kohler and is a hold over from last year then no $5700 is not a good price; it is a GREAT price. That model has a suggested commercial sale price of $6699 or at least it did last year. I'd jump on it before someone else does. There may be guys out there that have gotten better deals on that model but I'd bet it would be an awfully short list.

    As far as performance goes. Most of our customers will tell you the LHP is at least 40% more productive than a 48" w/b with a riding attachment. This will vary depending upon job sites, terrain and types of properties but for the most part the Lazer HP will cut more grass in a day than a walk behind will.

    The walk behind will have a slight advantage on some heavily landscaped properties and in hilly conditions but for the most part you should see an increase in production with the Lazer HP.

    The 18 horsepower Kohler should hold up just fine. I would however recommend investing in the new cannister air filters available through your Kohler dealer.



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