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48" hydro Toro...problem?


LawnSite Member
Nashville, Tn.
I've got a Toro 48" hydro walk behind with a 15hp Kawasaki. My problem is that when cutting (3-3.5") I'm leaving behind strands of grass that stick up. The blades are 16.25" . I'm even using Gator blades. Yes, the blades are very sharp. Have any of you had this problem? And what can I do to correct it if anything? I don't want to cut twice to get a nice lawn. I'm also only moving at a walking pace so traveling too fast across the lawns is not an issue. I'd appreciate any suggestions.


LawnSite Senior Member
I was going to say slow down, but you covered that. I would check the RPM's with the blades turning. Check with the dealer on the setting or someone on here my know.


LawnSite Fanatic
I run two 48" prolines exclusively on all lots under an acre, I learned for the fixed deck, high lift blades are key but it's not all.
I tried gators, what a piece of junk, the best blades are the regular ones, go figure, the standard high lifts work best for me.

Then here are my settings for my 48 prolines (both set at 3 - 3.125"):

You'll have to look in the manual for the Axle position, it is in my manual on page 22 but the Height-of-Cut Chart is what you want.
Mine are set to:
Axle Position: D
No. of 1/2" Spacers Below Casters: 4
Number of 1/4 in. Blade Spacers Below Spindle: 4
erm, not sure if those are the right height spacers, but it's the spacers that come with the machine, you already have them, those spacers, and 4 refers to ALL of them, so the casters get brought down (lifting the deck) as do the blades (lowering those).

If you look it up, towards the bottom of the chart it is under D 4-0 cross 4, comes out to 3" cut.
So the rear axle is in the next-to-last hole towards bottom (raising the rear high) and the front is as high as it will go (but the rear is still about 1/8" lower), and the blades are as low as you can get them... That is the best setup I have found in all the years, it lowers the blades down and out from up under that dang deck, and keeps the skirt and everything else clear. Only thing is you'll have to be careful because it scalps easier (because the skirt no longer warns you, it will clear a root when the blades may not) but just takes some getting used to.

I cut in 5th gear Wot lol, does pretty good.
Oh yeah, don't forget, high lift blades (the standard ones).

Don't have the part number for them, but these kind:


LawnSite Senior Member
wooster ohio
i think your blades might be getting a slight curve in them toward the ends that will leave grass i had that troble and couldn't understand why they were doing that and i had just sharpened them. but they were to round on the ends and caused the grass to slip by.