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Low hours on the deck. I bought the machine to convert it over to a Shortcut and just parked the deck. I will try to get pictues asap. Basically if you have an old Hustler Shortcut 1500 and want to convert it to a bushhog then here is your chance. I would like to get $700 for it but will take best offer. I will throw in all the extra blades I bought for it as well. I don't think you can even get these decks any more. Also I have a set of 18x11x10 tires, that are mounted on the Hog in the picture, for sale. They are solid filled and will not go flat. I have over $250 invested in the pair. The original tires that came from Hustler tore open and oozed out all the "solid" fill goo. When it would get hot it would get extremely soft. I bought new tires and fixed that problem. I would take $100 for the pair.
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