48 inch toro ztr 21 inch push mower and 36 inch toro walkbehind

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Spring Valley Lawn Service, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Spring Valley Lawn Service

    Spring Valley Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone have a similar set up 21 push mower 36 in walkbehind and 48 inch ztr? How well does this set up work and how good is a belt driven 36 inch walkbehind toro? Model 30074 and price 3599 new?
  2. Toro 455

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    I have a 21" Honda that never leaves the garage. I had a 36" belt drive Toro with the "T" bar steering. I was using it mostly for trimming ditches and it wasn't very good for that. I traded up to a 36" Exmark which I like much better, but wish I'd bought the hydro model.
    I owned a 48" ZTR for a short while. Bought it for trimming too. Because the rear wheels were the same width as the deck it couldn't trim worth a darn either.

    My nephew wants to start his own lawncare operation in Cincinnati. I tell him what he needs is a 48" Wright stander and he already has a 21" mower. he thinks Cincinnati is too hilly for a stander and is looking at a WB with a sulkey. I told him it wouldn't be nearly as quick & agile as a stander.

    I don't own a Stander, but I've watched competitors operate them and I've tried them at the EXPO in Louisville. They're fast and fun to run.
  3. Spring Valley Lawn Service

    Spring Valley Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    Got a 21 inch and a 48 ztr about to get a 36 inch walk behind for hills and small areas. Plus I ll eventually trade the 48 for a 60. Does the walkbehind hold hills good
  4. 32vld

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    I have a 20" push and a 42" JD rider.
    When the 42 was bought for $500 more it would of come with a 48 deck.
    Wish we had because I saw that the extra 3" the deck extended on each side would make trimming easier. Also when the gass is extra thick in the spring I have to overlap half the cutting deck width sometimes to get all the clippings all mulched up so their not visible. That extra width would cut that double cutting time down.

    But everyone has to make what they have work.

    I have some props where the 20 is all that will fit in certain spots. And is better then cheating with a line trimmer in those tight areas because all to often a trimmer will dig in and scalp the lawn in spots.

    Thing is my next mower maybe a 36 to get through the small gates. Right now I only had one prop this way. Lucky that back yard was not that bad to do with a 20, it was not that large and flat .

    Also a 36 and my 42 used together would increase my productivity on the larger properties. Also I have avoided steep properties because I can't use my rider and I'm not going to be pushing my 20 on those hills. Legs are not that young.

    Thing is my trailer needs to be replaced with a larger trailer before I go to larger mowers then my 42.

    My point is it's always best to use what you have first, buy what you can afford second. Stay out of debt.

    Where I live most gates that are installed now are 5' so a 48" should get through. Though there are many smaller gates around.

    I have a property where my 20 never gets used because my 42 fits everywhere.

    I have only one place where I could do the whole yard with a 60 if I had one except for using a 20 to just get around and under some shrubs.

    I would not trade in your 48 for a 60. I would keep the 48 for a back up for the 60. Then have both available if you got some sizeable properties to do.
  5. Toro 455

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    Absolutely! Nothing holds hills better than a walkbehind. When I'm mowing ditches my Exmark helps pull ME back up out of the ditch.
    The problem with walkbehinds is that you need handgrips you can hold onto and still operate the controls. That's what I like about the Exmarks' controls and didn't like about the Toros' "T" bar controls.
    That's also my reason for wanting a hydro. I think I'd get better speed control of each drive wheel with a hydro. The belt drive kind of slams into the bottom of the ditch and then jumps out of the ditches. Not too smooth. And I have a lot of experience operating belt drive walkbehinds.
  6. Church2224

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    I use my 21s on my smaller lawns (less than a quarter of an acre) and also ditches and through fence gates where no mower can fit. i even have a half acre back yard I have to mow with my 21 because the gate is not even 26 inches wide. I use to have a John Deere 48 inch rider that I found too big for most of my yards, plus it kept having issues (bought it used) so I sold it. Now I only use my 21s because most of the yards I do are so small

    I am getting a 48 inch Exmark Turf Tracer or Toro T2 hydro next year to do most of my larger yards and eventually a Toro grandstand. Walk behinds are great for hills imho. If you get a 36 inch be sure to get a floating deck. It makes height adjustment much easier.

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