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48 inch wb and 52 inch ztr wanted


LawnSite Bronze Member
New Jersey
I'm looking for a 48 inch walkbehind, belt drive, clean, runs good etc.

Also looking for a zero turn, 52 inch, runs good, not too many hours.

Let me know what you've got. Local only, not looking to go too far:dizzy: . Thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
Central NJ

I've got an older 48" belt driven Bobcat thats been sitting in my brothers garage the last 3 years unused. I havent looked at it since I lent it too him, but prior to giving it to him went through it and replace belts tires etc. He hasnt used it because its "too big and fast" for him. (WAHHHHHH:cry: ) Overall the machine has pretty low hours because the following year I bought a walker mower and it saw a huge drop in use.

Anyhow, if your interested I'm in central Jersey outside Trenton, though the mowers in Bordentown. I can pull it out start it up and go back over it just to get the mower back out in the field. Mowers in good shape and ran well, but may need some tuning up prior to the sale.

Will be looking to get 12 to 14 hundred for it depending on how much I have to do for it to be ready to go. Also comes with a full size grass gobbler catcher.

Get back to me only if your interested otherwise I'll just let the dust keep building.


LawnSite Member
I wanted to also let you that sunday is an open day for me and I would have time to look at the equiptment. I am ready to buy and this might be the right fit for my side lawn job.....If you want call my cell...732-757-7856...

talk with you soon....stripermike


LawnSite Senior Member
Ossining NY
i got a 60 inch ztr for sale and will deliver


LawnSite Senior Member
We have what you need. 48", belt W/B eXmark Metro HP. 435 hrs. Well maintained. Call me at 203-445-8497 or PM. Where in NJ are you?