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48 or 61 wb hydro

John at JDH Select

LawnSite Member
I am going to purchase a new wb for this season and am getting mixed input from everyone I speak to. The purchase is solely for residential mowing, 1/2 acre or less. A few of my counterparts claim that a 61" deck is perfect, while others claim it is to large to put on most residential lawns. What do you guys think?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Reading, PA

We do quite a bit of residential mowing and the two mowers we use are a Ferris 52"Dual Hydro wb and a 48" Wright Stander. These mowers are very versatile, hold hills well, and easy to operate. I think 61" is a little too large and on most residentials you would not be saving that much time by having a larger deck anyway. We will also be using a Walker 48" GHS for manicuring & cleanups. Save the larger mowers for wide open areas. Just my .02



LawnSite Platinum Member
52" goes everywhere almost it seems like it fits into all the tight spots and i have one half acre lawn I do it will mow it in 15-20 minutes with sulky. 48" would fit through a couple gates I can't squeeze through but you may need a 52" and use a 21" for those small areas. If you need one large machine to do it all I'd say 52".


LawnSite Member
Kansas city
go with a 52, because it will go anywhere a 48 will, and it will cut a little better, because it has longer blades. The 4" difference seems like it wouldn't make a difference, but it does. And I think a 52" stripe looks the best