48" Scag SW Walk-Behind


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Louisville, KY
I have a very old, but good condition Scag SW, 48" belt-drive walk behind that I'd like to get out of my garage. Has a 14hp Kohler pull-start, that still runs and runs well. New deck spindle bearings this year.

I estimate that this machine is around 30 years old, but it has been used for residential, and stored inside nearly its whole life. I've had it for the last 17-18 years for personal residential use. I bought it from the original owner. Stored inside except for (1) year while I had it.

Asking $400, in Louisville, Kentucky. --- If you're coming for GIE next week and are interested, let me know!

I would also consider trades for a 32" walk-behind - let me know what you've got.

The Bad...

The muffler rattles a little at part-throttle. The joint where the exhaust pipe enters the muffler body is loose, and will rattle some. However, other than the rattle at part-throttle, there's no issue. The muffler still "works" as the mower is no louder than stock.

It could use grip-safety switch. Probably cheap, and very easy to replace. The mower still runs, but you can hear it try to kill the ignition if you hand isn't just *perfect* on the grip-safety.

Belts have some age on them. If this were going to be a serious user, you might want to replace the belts, or at least have a spare PTO and drive belt on-hand. Honestly though, you'd probably get quite a bit of life out of them as-is.

The good...
Starts well, and runs even better. It's a pull-start, but after sitting for 3-4 weeks, it will usually start on the 3rd pull or so. Nothing bad by any means, and no electrical or charging system to worry about...

Runs like a top. Seriously, this motor runs excellent.

Simple. With the belt-drive, pull-start, and manual PTO, there is quite literally nothing that can go wrong on this mower that can't be fixed or replaced for more than $150.

Deck spindle bearings are fairly easy, and very inexpensive to replace. I replaced them this spring with (6) new 6305-2RS sealed bearings (common industrial description)` for less than $100.

Why am I selling...?
I picked up a 60" ZTR this year and started mowing part-time. Since then, this walk behind has been sitting in the corner of my garage taking up space. I used it on one yard a few times this summer, but it was such a hassle to dig the mower out of the garage, load it on the trailer for (1) yard, then put it all back.

I made the decision to give the account away to another local guy, and put the mower up for sale.

Thinking about how reliable this mower has been makes me a little sad to see it go, but oh well. Hopefully someone can find a good use for it.

I'm in Louisville Kentucky, and GIE is going on here in-town next week.

If someone from out of town wants to look at or buy this thing, let me know and I'll be happy to work something out with you. If you want to bring a trailer to haul it home, and need a place to park said trailer during the show, I can assist. Or, if you want to load it in the bed of your truck, I can assist with that too.

Somebody come buy this thing and give it a new job - it deserves it. :)


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