48" Scag....tran./price?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RV_Landscaping, Apr 24, 2002.

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    As i mentioned in one of my other posts....I'm expanding from just 21/22" mowers this year... I really need another (big) mower quickly....Don't have a lot of cash, up front....but enough to make about a 40% down payment on something new...or pay for something used..... A local LCO has offered me a 48" SCAG belt (they bought new Hydros)--its about 4 years old....limited hours (hasn't been used last 2 years).... They said the Trans. will randomly 'skip out' in first - third.... but 4th & 5th are OK..... They r willing to knock something off because of that...they want about $1200...i'm thinking more around $1000.... I've been told Trans. is around $300 for that model, anyone know if thats right? Also, any opinions on aprox. worth (going to test run in 'bout an hour)...assuming everything else is in good cond(?) Has anyone had this trans. problem and can u run OK without skid marks and stuff randomly? Any comments would be great, thanks!

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    Ask if you can take it to a mechanic before you offer a price. Maybe it ain't the tranny. Maybe it's just and adjustment. Maybe it's a lot MORE than a tranny.

    Eliminate the "maybe"s and then talk price.

    I got lucky doing this cause I bought a 48" exmark with a "tranny" problem. Took it to mechanic and it turned out that someone welded a pully in place so it coudn't be adjusted. Voila, all gears now work for $ 30 labor and a $ 10 pully.

    Good luck, Landscraper.
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    OK, yeah, thanks!.... just got back from talking/seeing mower.... Their mechanic (well they have a few, HUGE place, really inspires ya, heheh)... said he would put a new tranny on it....he said u don't have to, but he wouldn't run it without a new one..... mower started good, blades good, new belts...seems solid....He also mentioned that they just bought two new Turf Tigers and might be unloading one of their 1999/2000 tigers for .....:dizzy: $2500 ...wow, i'm praying, :)
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    You can get a Peerless tranny for about $200 and some are less than that. I'd cut some grass and see what else is wrong before I dropped that kind of cash on a used mower. A new Exmark is about a grand more. Spend wisely Grasshopper.
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    yeah, i may do that...they offered for me to take it out and test it for a day....assuming i write them out a check/leave something with them.....So I may just do that....

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