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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A.D Services, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. A.D Services

    A.D Services LawnSite Member
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    My dad and I are looking for a mower next year and I want to know the goods and bads to these. We are currently demoing the 48 18hp kohler model. so far we like it but i want to hear what everybody else thinks
  2. 04TurfT

    04TurfT LawnSite Senior Member
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    you will hear good and bad things about them... I've got friends with them, some love them and some regret buying them from day 1..The complaints I've heard are they don't handle hills very well at all and you feel unstable.. another complaint is that their parts and service is hard to come by. I don't know if this is true or not but I think the've got bought out by a different company every year. I have heard good things though, good low priced machines and they save a lot of time is what I've heard... hope this helps, sorry I can't say more but I aint ever owned one
  3. metro36

    metro36 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I've heard that the John Deere Quick Trac was better. John Deere owns Great Dane. I think the Quick Tracs are better and I think John Deere is a better company.
    If you go with a Super Surfer get a kawi engine. You will never look back. This engine is better.
  4. lawns Etc

    lawns Etc LawnSite Silver Member
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    Everride now owns Great Dane bought rights from Deere as far as stand ups go I have and would recomend the Wright Stander or Sentar Sport with the rapid adjust height I demoed the Everride Scorpion "same as the surfer" and my Deere dealer was against me buying the Deere but the Wright is awesome
  5. gardenkeeper88

    gardenkeeper88 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a 48 & 52 super surfer. LOVE them. Sure beats the Toro WB 's I had before. Very little problems. 1 pully and 1 brake rod at seperate times. Both parts with in 2-3 days. Actually My dealer took a pully off a new and ordered him self the new one. Can't talk about the other stand on Comp. none have dealers in my area.
  6. A.D Services

    A.D Services LawnSite Member
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    I like the wright stander but i thought they were too expensive, the ss was only $5100.00
  7. ThirdDay

    ThirdDay LawnSite Senior Member
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    Get the Wright Stander if you must have a stand on machine.
  8. truenorthlandscaping

    truenorthlandscaping LawnSite Member
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    We've demoed the Surfers 2 different times, I just don't like them compared to the origional Wright Standers, of which we've owned/own 2 ... can anyone confirm, long ago I heard Wright sued Great Dane (who actually did a better marketing job w/their Surfer than Wright did w/their Stander), so J.Deere bailed G.Dane out & now Wright gets a spiff every time a Stander sells because they have a patent on the whole Stander thing? Anyways, we like the Standers. Whatever you do, buy a Stander of some sort because on smaller properties or w/lots of obstacles, they ROCK & will save you time/make you money. Don't believe what people say about fatigue or them being uncomfortable, they actually make mowing fun again.
  9. HenryB

    HenryB LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I've used both a lot and like the Dane's much more. Floating deck, spring loaded platform (suspension). The Gen. 11 are even better. Key is must buy from a good dealer.
  10. instyle

    instyle LawnSite Senior Member
    from Canada
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    We have a couple of John Deere quik tracs, they are great. We have a company that takes 1.5 hours to cut with both machines going, they are not uncomfortable. You can use your legs as suspension, not to mention they are shorter than a sit down model. And yes they make cutting lawn fun. They are a great marketing/conversational tool.

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