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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by causalitist, Jun 7, 2007.

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    got a brand new 48 turbo force deck. it came from the factory with 4 spacers above the blades so they were very low.. and the front castor wheels were set as high as can be.

    it cut awesome with the blades that low, but pretty darn short for the castors being on the highest setting, and IT WAS SCALPING LIKE MAD. any variation in turf and it scalped...

    SO, raised the blades 2 spacers worth .. problem solved .. but cut is no where near as good and leaves some scraglers. plus i think it still cuts pretty low for the front wheels still being on the highest setting.

    i've looked (manual/with eyeballs) for a way to adjust the back of the deck where it mounts to the frame to no avail. my old snapper had this, am i not able to with a new toro 48" fixed turbo force?

    i'll tell you what, if i could just raise the rear 1" and then lower the blades back down i bet it would cut great AND scalp less. plus the front castor height adjustment would actually be usable since right now its on the highest or maybe 1 lower(out of 4 spacers)

    thoughts my friends?
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    I am not familiar with your mower, but it could be that you raise the back of the deck at the wheel motors. Where they attach to the frame. That is how it is done on a Wright Velke mower.
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    Maybe instead of instantly playing with spacers one should take the time to read the book on your new investment...

    If its a gear drive the axle is probably moveable to adjust the rear. And then there is a large chart in the manual I mentioned earlier that gives you all the combinations of rear axle position, blade spacers, and caster spacers to get whatever cutting height you are looking for.

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