48" turf tracer hp & Lazer Z 72"

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Cowboys1279, Aug 17, 2004.

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    I'm new in the lawncare business and am thinking about buying the 48" turf tracer hp. Most of the yards in my area are anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 acres with some of the larger lot subdivisions being 1 to 2 acres. I'm wandering if the 48" is a good size.

    Also later on I would like to buy a Lazer Z and was wandering about the difference in the 60" and 72" as far as cutting yards that are 2+ acres. Is the 72" too big?
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    The 48" HP is a very popular model for this size of property however I'm seeing more and more 52" being used in this application as well.

    As far as the 60 vs. the 72" it really depends upon how everything is landscaped. If the 72" will fit between all the trees and obstacles I don't see any reason to go any smaller unless ground is heavily contoured. Personally I'd look at all my other jobs as well. If I can fit the 60" on those smaller jobs I'd go with the 60" because it will be more versatile.


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    If you want a TTHP, get a 52", it will save you mowing time over the 48" besides the impressive trim side. I believe the 52" is the most versatile and all around for mowing job. I have cut down my mowing time so much by using TTHP 52" that I can use that extra minutes to do weed-control, etc, on each account. The 52" performs really great on hill, making sure you readjust those anti-scalp rollers accordingly to avoid scalping on hill.
    One more thing, most of large fenced gate is 5 ' width, but it is not really a guarantee that you can fit a 60" deck all the time, so I think a 52" is the answer to all, a WB or Z...

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