"48 Turf Tracer leaving some weird stripes

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MGenay, May 5, 2013.

  1. MGenay

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    This might be an absurd thing to ***** about but my mower is leaving a third stripe down the left-center section of my stripes. I've studied the underside of the mower and I don't see anything in particular which could be causing it.

    The mower is a turf tracer s series with the 17? HP Kawi. Its a 2012 model. Of the pictures below the problem is evident on the dark stripes on the first photo and the white stripes in the second.

    I'm not dragging my left foot or anything, I don't have some weird off center sulky. Nothing is caught under the mower. I do have a bagger, but it is a accelerator and it is not dragging on the ground like the original exmark one. I do have a exmark striping kit.

    I'm absurdly anal about some things (this may be one of them) and I feel this is making the cut look dirty. Kinda hoping someone else has had this problem and has found a solution.
  2. gman1014

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    Don't see any pictures?
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  3. LawnMan19

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    I don't see any pics, but I would check and see that the anti-scalp wheels are the same height and possibly left them some.
  4. Valk

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    A slightly bent blade may cut a hair or two deeper?
  5. Exmark PR

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    If you are still having challenges, please contact our customer service team at 800.667.5296 so they can help troubleshoot and find a solution.
  6. MGenay

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    Sorry must've had some issue with uploading the pictures, doing that now.

    Exmark PR: If I can't find any solutions here I will do that, thank you for the help.
  7. MGenay

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    Here are the pictures


  8. MGenay

    MGenay LawnSite Member
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    Also the anti-scalp wheels are at the same height, this has occurred through two sets of blades. I do double cut my yards, this doesn't seem to help, however I have noticed that this problem will only occur when I'm cutting off 3+ inches.
  9. LawnMan19

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    Check your tire pressure.
  10. Blade Runners

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    The problem is that it's an Exmark :)

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