48" vs. 52" Exmark HP


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For those of you doing mostly residentual lots like I. Talking about lots that average anywhere from 12000sqf to 20000sqf. Do any of you notice that big of a difference in the 4" more in deck size? Also, I you add a ultra vac to the unit does it hinder you getting around? I'm liking the thought of the 52" because of the extra trim side. I want a good quality look in my work but don't want to overkill the lawn with to big of a deck. Any input would be great.



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I have a 48" w/b and a 52" HP. The 52" HP in my experience is the best all around mower. Its very compact for tight residential work, yet it has the faster ground speed than the 48" when on larger areas.
I have the ultra vac that is used for leaf season only and its a breeze to take off and on. About 20 seconds without tools if you need to get thru a gate. Like any bagging unit, you must get used to it being there.

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