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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Lake'Lawn Care, May 24, 2003.

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    I currently own a 2001 Viking Hydro walkbehind with a sulky. It has a 48" deck with the 15 hp kawasaki engine. I really like the 48"deck size, it gets through a lot of spots a 52" would have trouble. My question to exmark manufacturing is: Will you consider making a walkbehind with a 48" Ultracut deck and a 21 or 23hp engine. It would be my mower of choice, the 15 and 17hp engines are good engines in ideal conditions but in Michigan when you are cutting long/wet spring grass they have a hard time handling the load. In addition, I prefer your ultracut deck over the trivantage which is currently offered on the 48's. Thank You!
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    Lake'Lawn Care,

    This is first new idea I have heard of this year. I can definitely see in your area where this can be a blessing. The Ultra-Cut deck might get tricky but more horses would be an instant advantage.

    I’ve seen the northern lush plush grasses bring some of the best in the industry to their knees. I will run this up the flagpole and see what kind of response that we get.

    Like I said earlier higher horsepower will be easier to do than an Ultra-Cut deck but you never know.

    I do have a few things that you can check on your unit now that can help.
    : Run 3-4 of the blade spacers below the spindle. This will increase your area under the deck like an Ultra-Cut deck.
    : Make sure your engine RPM is at the max factory setting (3600 +/-50rpm).
    : Check that the deck has 1/8-1/4 of an inch rake on the deck.
    Keeping the belts tensioned, air cleaner fresh, good gas and everything greased will keep the unit running at tiptop shape. That always helps.

    Thanks, Fred.
  3. PaulJ

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    I remember asking for this type of machine at least six months ago. Hustler beat you to it with their super WB.

    Take the turf tracer (not the TT HP) and put a 48" deck on it.
    I know I have talked about this here before.

    more power, larger tires, wider stance, and a 48" floating deck ( 'cause a 52" is just a bit too big.)
  4. eXmark

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    You might be right. Maybe I read into it too much. Since the Viking is a fixed deck. I thought he was wanting to modify this type of machine. We never stop learning.

    Thanks, Fred.
  5. TLS

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    But I'd really like a 44" deck! With 17 or 19 hp.

    Fixed deck is fine for me.

    If you build it....we will buy!
  6. MTR

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    Lake's lawn care, you hit the spot with suggestion on the 48" WB.
    I also have noticed the same thing that you mentioned on advantage of 48" over 52", yes I love the combo of 36" & 48" they seem to have proven successfully on cutting effectively "everywhere" besides trailering comfort.
    Great point. eXmark should have a 48/21Kawi WB in market, it will rock!

    from AL
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    I would like to put a vote in for a 2 bladed 42" TTHP w/17hp.

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