48" WB for sale

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    For sale:

    2003 Cub Cadet G1548.

    15 HP Kawasaki, 240 hrs, 48" fixed deck, gear drive.

    Needs minor work to mower frame (backed into it with my 16 ft trailer, went back like 1.5-2 feet and bent the handle). Call dealer for price on new part, but don't think its too expensive. Needs new grease fittings on the front wheels - the fittings are shot (won't accept grease) and i tried to get new ones from the dealer but he screwed up the part # or something and since i didn't really use it last year i didn't worry about it. Will also probably need a new drive belt on the one wheel before too long. Other than that it should be good to go.

    Comes with sulky and bagger.

    Need to move this thing quick. PM me with e-mail address for pics if you want them. Call me @ 814-599-6947 to discuss price. Paid around $3,100 for the whole package when new (well the sulky was used when i got it).

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