4hp Honda or 3.5 Briggs and stratton???


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Seymour Indiana
This is related to my last aeration post If have decided on Aryan aerator however both dealers I checked want appx $400.00 more for the 4hp honda engine is it worth it on a aerator???? We have a Toro personal pace trime mower that has a six horse briggs and we have had no trouble with it???? just wondering/......Thanks!!!!!!!


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Honda<p>I have three briggs blown that came with a bunch of miss. equipment and no hondas because the owner put hondas on everything and now the edger and the trac vac has hondas. They are the best in my opinion if you dont beat the hell out of them but that goes for most engines. ALways use mobil one and more frequent oil changes.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: bdemir


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Of course a honda engine is a much better engine.... but on a peice of eqipment like aerater where it will only be used my 2 months a year a briggs is just fine. I just bought a used bluebird aerater with a 3.5 i/c briggs.... it will probly last forever.... i aerate only in the fall.....10 days a year

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