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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Junior M, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Junior M

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    but until it was feasible i kept my head up (even though it was real tough at times) and did my job with pride

    and thats exactly what I am doing.
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    Hes right jr. everything will work and in a year or 2 you will be doing something you really want to do but have fun while your in high school it goes by quick then you will be wishing you could go back so dont rush working there is plenty of time once you turn 18 but if you really wanna work now you can come run a shovel for me
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    Junior you have a job with bankers hours aka school. Start school at 9am and finish at 3pm. The only thing you don't want is end up with a back injury doing the job at the transmission shop. Easy to do if you lift something the wrong way etc.
  4. Junior M

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    I've had back problems sense I was 12, pretty pointless to try and not hurt myself when I already am..

    I go to school at 7:30, in class by 8, get out at 2:40, drive an hour to work.. Work till 6, get to the gym by 6:30, home by 7:40 or so. then I am at the FD atleast one night a week till around 9.

    If you wanna call those bankers hours, then okay!
  5. zak406

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    Jr. if your boss is not holding his end of the deal up, then i see no reason why you have to hold your end of the deal up. (working till graduation) Just a thought.... Im going to be honest with you man life is short do what you want to do. If you dont like the job find another one....
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    Junior, I too realized I didn't want to turn wrenches in highschool (during a diesel mechanics class.) But I remembered a fun job that I had in highschool was working at a golf course taking care of the greens. I figured this might give you some ideas for a job until you graduate. You get the best off all 3 things you like. Lawncare, mechanics and bigger machinery. An added bonus is all kinds off people play golf, you never know who you might run into that could be your next business lead or boss.

    But, like me your still young. You never know what your life will be like 2 or 4 years from now. Hell I never thought I would be a dual certified LEO starting a part time tractor business, but im happy and trying to combine the two thing that make me happy. Helping people and driving heavy equipment lol. I always wanted to be a mechanic and now I almost loath working on stuff. I just consider myself an opperator, I can drive anything with wheels and somethings without for days straight. lol

    I forgot where I was going. I guess, lifes short and find something you enjoy doing and learn to make money doing it. Any questions just ask.
  9. Bleed Green

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    I got news for you gravel rat 9-3 are not banking hours. When my mom was working at a bank was rarely home by 6 usually later than that, and she had to be there by 730 or 8 in the morning.
  10. Junior M

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    Happy birthday to you to..

    And why would you fire me? I come in to work, do my job, take pride in it and go home. I dont talk back, I ask questions whenever possible.. I may not like my job but that doesnt I am a complete jerkoff at work.. Way to judge my character from one post..

    I dont mind turning wrenches, but I'd much rather be doing construction/excavation. But its a paying job, and I made a commitment to the man.. I am not one to go against my word...

    Its pretty hard to find a decent job around here, especially at this age. So why leave this one? What if I cant find a job when I graduate? Then I've got this to fall back on, making decent money, not some part time BS at a grocery store bagging groceries.

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