4th of July What's cookin?

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    Only way to do it.

    Here is the story of how TX and brisket became Man and BBQ so this guy says:

    I think that beef brisket belongs to Texas like peanuts to Georgia and pulled pork to North Carolina. But did you know, 'till about forty years ago brisket was a worthless cut of meat that most folks would just discard or grind into hamburger meat? Down in the hill country of Texas, ol' brother Wolf was buying all the brisket he could get to make his chili with. Then about 1950 two German brothers who had a meat market began cooking BBQ in their market to use up left over meat. One got the idea to smoke a brisket as he was smoking sausage one weekend. He left it all weekend in his smokehouse and on Monday as they were serving their que, pork, sausage & chicken, he cut a slice & put on each lunch.. Everyone began telling him how good and tender it was. With that they began to cook beef brisket for BBQ. So Texas owes the two German meat market brothers from the hills of Texas for our Beef Brisket BBQ. Now-a-days, like lots of things, the briskets of today are so much improved over time. The brisket of old time was over half fat, but with the better cows of these days we get lots better beef brisket. Still, the only way to make them good & tender is good, slow cooking over hardwood smoke. Here's the way this ol' Texan tries to cook good beef brisket.


    ::::Not how I'd do it. Lotta folks like to marinade with Dr Pepper:::::
    I'm strictly a dry rub man with a good BBQ sauce on the side.
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    me and my buddy

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    Nothing but a dry rub and grill time for me as well. Post you dry rub recipe and I'll try it.
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    if I rub it too long it won't stay dry
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    Good for you.
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    i miss the 60s and 70s, have fun hippie :waving:
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    I plan on catching up with some much needed sleep. Spent the past week in Llano, TX. Wine, kayaking a slow moving river, stayed at a nice B&B on the river with my wife and went with another couple.

    Next week is gonna be kicked into high gear, so I'm gonna head to church in the morning, come back and fall asleep about 2pm, wake up Monday morning at 4am.

    Peter, I just sent you an email for an order of 225 pigtails, we are running low, need more por favor.
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    Wife and I drove up to dc... Had some airline miles to burn on a VERY fanny hotel and the wife has been wanting some more traditional Chinese food than available in the big city of farmer. Just got back to the hotel and I be stuffed. Plan on watching the firre works tomorrow night from the iwo jima monument.
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