4to5 K budget, 3 level acres, WHICH ZTR?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Jswatson2, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. IS500Z

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    As stated above stay with an OPE dealer instead of the big box stores. Since you are mowing a large area you may also want to look at Ferris mowers which have an independent suspension system which will give you the best ride in the business. For a lawn tractor I would look at John Deere in the 500 series, Kubota (might be out of the price range) and Simplicity. Cub Cadet is not what it used to be and I would not buy anything made by Cub today. Personally I would go with a ZTR from a dealer that I want to do business with and shows me he/she wants my business.

    I would run, not walk, away from any used commercial equipment. The only exception I would make would be if it is sold by a dealer to whom you can return if you have problems. Most used commercial equipment is for sale because it is worn out. You also have no way to confirm any maintenance on the machine since most of it is done by the local talent selling it to you.
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    I recommend the Dixon Ultra 52" or 60" machine !!

    I agree !!
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    Check out the Snapper Pro models, they should have a 48 to 52 inch ZTR in your price range and you should be able to get a great deal right now.

    You might be able to pick up one of these for around $5k:

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    I would look at the Ferris IS500 as well. I was told in 2013 they are switching to Hydrogear drives and the price will come down.
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    Look at the new Ferris IS 600 Z that replaces the IS500Z Great mower
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    Guess I scanned this thread too quick..others have already mentioned these so I guess I'd second that, lol.
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    Who makes those? Toro?
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    Ok all of you guys are recommending box stores. Do not buy from box stores. You might shop there pick out the mower then drive to the actual dealer and buy. Much faster service, parts, etc. I know alot of dealers that only work on what they sale and will not touch box store mowers, me not being one. Ok on the Bad Boy, I sell more bad boys than anyone in the country, and I have really good luck out of them. I think they are one of the best built mowers out for money. ZT has 3100 transmissions, 27hp briggs pro motor 7 guage commercial deck 50" for $4499, or 60" with 27hp kohler for $4999.
    Check out the Grasshopper 124 for $5300 with $200 off the 2012 models, or the Hustler Fastrak they run mid to upper $5000

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