4X4 a must for plowing??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DoetschOutdoor, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. DoetschOutdoor

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    Might be a stupid question but is 4wd necessary for those that plow? I gotta get a better work truck this year and alot of the flatbeds or utility beds I've been looking at are 2wd. I've been having so many customers ask about snow removal that I have to get into it next year and would be putting a plow on the truck. Gotta have 4wd/highly recommended for plowing? thx
  2. Lakewlc

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    4x4 is really good for plowing... but if you have ALOT of weight like a full sander you could get away with 2x4
  3. Dirt Digger2

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    it helps...but not "required"...i plow in a 550 with dump body...loaded with salt i didn't have to put it in 4 wheel at all

    technically you are plowing the snow in front of you so you are driving on blacktop...driving between jobs is a different story though...4 wheel can be very useful when it comes to that
  4. Guzman Properties

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    Nope not at all......as long as you have enough weight in the back you'll be fine. Besides, when your in 4X4, you loose turning radius.
  5. Marek

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    If you are doing residential drives I would go 4 x 4 . But if you have large open lots with big runs 4x2 is fine. Smaller lots with lots of back and forth or cutting in 4x4.
  6. punt66

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    anything 3500 or less a 4x4 is a must. Above that they can carry enough weight for traction. I have been plowing for 20 years. Take it from me and get a 4x4.
  7. Truck_Stuff

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  8. Dirt Digger2

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    dont ask that question on that site...a lot of guys on that site are water head as$holes
  9. Truck_Stuff

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    They can be mean, but its worth searching at least.
  10. Petr51488

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    Yes, especially if you hate spinning tires. I can plow in 2wd, but its very annoying when the wheels slip here and there. In 4wd i can plow much faster. I would say buy a 4x4 truck for plowing and have the option for 4wd whereas the 2wd your stuck with 1 wheel spinning.

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