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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ByrnesLandscaping1, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. ByrnesLandscaping1

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    I am in the market to buy a 3500 series dump or rackbody truck. I found a 1995 GMC 3500HD 10' Rack body. The truck is in impecable condition and the 6.5 Diesel engine only has 50k on it. The only problem with it is that it is not a 4x4. I will be using this truck for both landscaping, and plowing in the winter. I was wondering how well a non 4x4 will plow (given that i will have a sander on back). I have other pickups to do most of my driveways, but i will use this truck for parking lots and some driveways. I am concerned because everything else about the truck is more than i could ask, i just dont want to find out in the winter that i cant move.. thank you
  2. D Felix

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    You may want to re-ask this question over on Plowsite.

    I have no idea how well a 2wd will plow. All I've ever plowed with is 4wd's. And when it wasn't locked in (2000 F-450 crewcab), it didn't plow too well.

    My guess is the more wieght in the rear, the better you will do. Also, you may need to start plowing when there is less snow on the ground. Those are just guesses though. There's 2wd plow trucks out there, they just aren't as common.

  3. GardenofWeeden

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    If you are from the North, there is no doubt you need a 4x4 . That is probably the reason for the great deal on the truck. You find great deals on gassers for landscaping too...affordable, easy to get into with less capital...but overall...it doesn't fit the job. Not into plowing in Virginia, but when I lived up North...if you didn't have a 4x4...you had a four wheel sled.
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    Gotta go with garden of weeden, out in snow country, not being 4wd is probably the reason for the great deal.

    I have a dodge diesel 2wd, I got it because it hardly ever snows here. But I kick myself on a regular basis for not getting 4wd, not only for the 1 or 2 snows we do get, but for getting in and and out of soil/stone yards when muddy (which is often) and pulling a trailer, and muddy job sites. The diesel engine is so heavy you get stuck in places you might not have with a gas 2wd. There is no way I will ever get another 2wd truck for landscaping, especially if its diesel (and it will be diesel).

  5. Pecker

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    Rule of Thumb: Anything that is rear wheel drive is useless anywhere it snows. For snow climates, only 4x4 or at least front wheel drive will do.
  6. oneandonlyjojo

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    in NY i dont plow but when i switch from 2wd to 4wd theres a huge difference. it helps a lot out in the rain also. i would never buy a truck without it
  7. Coffeecraver

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    I also have to say that the 4x4 is well worth it.
    I am from upstate NY and have been one of those 4 wheel sleds

    If you are going to spend the money you may as well get what you want from day one instead of wishing you had.

    I have a 2003 Dodge 2500 4x4 Heavy Duty
    It's alot better than that sled I had.
  8. AintNoFun

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    not really.... living in NJ we get some snow not nearly as much as farther north but two of our mason dumps (f450's) are 2 wheel drive. We through 10' spreaders in the back and they plow just as good as our 4 wheel drive pickups....

    TREEGODFATHER LawnSite Member
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    4wd is for people who don't know how to drive.
  10. sildoc

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    Chains are a cheap way of making a 2wd have better traction and control. If this is a too good to be true buy that you cant pass up 200 bucks worth of chains for both frount and rear gives you a cheap way to make a truck that sucks to a truck you can go places with.
    Only draw back to chains is slower speeds and putting them on and taking them off.

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