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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wright-or-wrong, May 6, 2008.

  1. wright-or-wrong

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    I cut this lawn that is steep enough to almost roll your inside shoe padding to one side of your shoe, while pushing a mower across the hill. It is woods at the lower edge, so I just can't mow up and down with a lawn tractor or whatever, due to not having enough traction to back back up the hill. I am wondering if the 4x4 riding lawn/garden tractors, or the REAL pricey 4x4 golf course type, ( kind with front deck, and small rear wheels ) would have enough traction to back, back up the hill? I have a TC30 New Holland 4x4 compact tractor with rear mower, that I back up and drive back down on the part of the lawn that does not have any wooded sections to stop me from doing so, and it is as steep as this section, at 20 something degrees incline using an angle finder. The tractor is too long to do the part of the lawn that I just mentioned. Why don't I just stop mowing this lawn you ask? It is my own property, and moving isn't an option. If you guys have experience with any of the 4x4's on steep hills, please let me know. Am I just dreaming, or do I have to push a 21 inch the rest of my life, on that section??
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    Im thinking ground cover...lol
  3. Oldtimer

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  4. Ooomwizard

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    Tie a rope to your walk behind, then to the back of your ZTR mower and cable it up and down.

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    I saw a picture like that once - and old man with a rope tied to his mower - used it to cut a ditch. lol
  6. Arkansaslawn

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    theyll mow steep enough slopes that youll scare yourself---i have 4 of them and i mow stuff for the corps and they told me one of the slopes is 68 degrees---
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    my ztr works great backing down steep hills and then going back up, is that a possibility?
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    Get a Walker Mower, you will have compleat control . I can back up a hill with my Walker that is steeper than you can walk up. Get a demo to try one out .
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    Thanks guys for the input, as well as the humor ( I need to laugh at this little pet peev of mine from time to time ).
    Supercuts: It is a possibility, if a 4x4 or zero turn will get the traction to do it. I'm not sure if I'm man enough though. I've always felt uneasy backing down a grade.

    Arkansaslawn: What are the 4 machines? Thanks again ya'll.

    Gene: I'll see if I can get some demo time with one, if I can find a dealer.
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