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  1. bw

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    what's the advantage of having lockouts verses just shifting into 4 wheel drive and going?
  2. plowking35

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    Well most new trucks use an axel connect istead of hubs, in fact ford is the only one that still uses lock out hubs, except mabe Mitsubishi.<br>Well any way on new trucks auto locking hubs work well, but over time they will fail, so manual hubs are not only cheaper but you know for sure that the hubs are locked.<br>The axel dis/connect works very well, the older ones use vacume tubes from the engine, where as the new ones use an electric servo instead.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org
  3. kenneybros

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    Yup those auto locks do indeed fail... all the time too! both of my friends 4x4's have had autos, but they never worked, the mechanisms wear out, or the hoses rot. The only advantage they have is that u dont get wet in the rain.
  4. yardsmith

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    i have manual lockouts on my Chevy, & it's great because i can leave the hubs unlocked & shift transfer case into low range & have 2wd low! great for backing up my trailer uphill and keeping my tranny from cooking under slow maneuvering.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>

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