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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Rotor-Man, May 27, 2004.

  1. Rotor-Man

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    Customer is updating service from the water main, with new 1" copper and a 1" meter, from a 80 year old 3/4" galvanized service line and a 5/8" meter. Current pressure with old meter and galvanized service line is right around 40 p.s.i. and water flow of about 2.5 to 3 g.pm.!! Will my p.s.i. increase after the new service is installed along with the water flow? First time dealing with a situation such as this.
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    It should. Usually a 1inch meter with 50-60 psi will give around 18-20 gpm
  3. Ground Master

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    Your flow will increase dramatically, but static pressure? Nope, if its 40 psi now, it will be 40 psi after the upgrade..........unless the city ups the pressure at there connection
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    Thanks Groundmaster, that was what my thinking also, just needed to verify it, to make my "Mind" slow down! Appreciate your many good posts.
    On the other topic of "No Shows", it has to be the most frustrating aspect of working for ourselves. Gave a quote last week for a neighbor of a install I finished the week before, got there and guy didn't even know the way his wife was going to layout the lawn[new house]. Told him when he had a landscaping plan give me a call back. He called back 2 times and I finally went back over, only then he tells me his brother-in-law works for a Toro installer and if I would do the job for $300 less!! Bit my tongue and said See-Ya! in the mean time only wasted 5 gallons of gas @ $2.20 a gallon and my time at nite for this!Oh well its busy anyway!
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    If you get a chance, look inside of that 80 year old galvy line. It's probably closer to 1/4" or even smaller by now.

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