5.99 a square foot?????

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Right Touch, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Sunscaper

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    That is only to say that the cheaper competition doesn't know what they are doing. Just say your apples to apples in quality and selling the same product. Markets vary by region. I cannot see how you can charge $6.00 per s.f. with a $3.00 per s.f. paver in any region either. This variable has to have alot to do with it. On average I am paving $1.50 per s.f. for pavers here. In P.A. 3 years ago the local manufacturer was at $1.35 per s.f. I wonder why paver pricing varies so much from region to region. Do you guys in NJ sell alot of tumbled product? Perhaps it could be the availability of aggregate or sand????
  2. Sunscaper

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    Out of curiosity. How does concrete work as an edge restraint up north? We use it here with alot of success but minus freeze thaw cycles?
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    It doesn't. It ends up cracking and separating and eventually peels away.

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    That is not necessarily true. I have seen, and used, concrete( Type M) for some paver applications that have lasted with no cracks whatsoever.
    You can use the same mix that we use for heavy cultured stone walls.
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    Sign of the times I think.. People need and want to stay busy and will go to great lengths to do so. I think we all will have ot re-evaluate what we charge to some degree as the big profit
    days are numbered. What once was will be no more for a while with this economy. Now that gas has come down, it would be nice
    if our material cost follow.

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