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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fastcat, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. fastcat

    fastcat LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have someone wanting me to give them a price on mowing 5 acres. they have 8 acres but only 5 is grass. trim around the house and edge the concrete driveway. i was thinking around 185 per mow. does this sound right or is it low.
  2. mississippiturf

    mississippiturf LawnSite Senior Member
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    Should be higher. How often plays a role as well as man-hours to compete the job. IMHO
  3. stevo22

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    i cut a 4acre yard with irragated bermuda...lots of edging and weedwackn
    ...250 a cut...i hate cutting that yard...takes me right at 2.75hrs...
  4. Lawnut101

    Lawnut101 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Wow, your making around $91/hr. That seems pretty high for here. But if you can get it, great for you.

    As far as 5 acres of mowing, I would be around $240 with a little trimming, or more with a lot of trimming. It just depends on your area.
  5. LushGreenLawn

    LushGreenLawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    I would have quoted around $240-$250 with a little trimming also. 5 Acres is more than you think...
  6. Scagguy

    Scagguy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It's whatever your area will support. If someone called me offering $185 for 5 acres, the next thing they would hear would be the dial tone.
  7. dhardin53

    dhardin53 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I totally agree its all location dependent. and what ever the going price for your part of the county will pay.

    But form your information there is one thing that tells me bid higher.. "Its 5 mowing acres in 8 total acres" You will find the house, garage's, driveways and planters that you don't mow all get in the way and take time to get around. I do a commercial lawn thats only 3 acres rather open but spread over almost 2 city blocks. When trimming I get a good walk to just get to all the spots. this is extra charges.
  8. TPendagast

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    :laugh::laugh::laugh: Well exmark tells you that a 60" lazer Z will cut 5 acres per hour,so charge them for one hour!

    I know so many people who use that as an estimating tool.

    It takes quite a bit of work to do 5 acres depending on what machinery you are using.

    Personally, if you dont have a 60" Ztr dont bid it.

    If you do, I'd look at getting $75 to $80 per hour for it.
    But never tell your client what you are charging per hour, give them a price for the job, never talk about hourly rates for mowing.

    if you do have 5 acres I would charge $150 for the cut.
    Then, how many trees to cut around? say $2 per tree, now how many full landscaped beds will get clippings tossed in them by side discharging with a WAM?
    No serious amounts of landscaped beds and its all foresst or wild grass? leave it alone.

    Landscaped beds, drives walks etc to blow off? add 15%

    Lineal feet of trim that will need to be done weekly?

    Put it in the category of either : minimal, average,high or extreme.

    IF it is minimal dont add any additional charge. Average add 10%, high add 15% and extreme add 20%

    So a basica 5acre lawn with 20 tree to mow/trim around , heavily landscaped with an average amount of edging/trim would work out to $150 (plus $40 for going around Trees) (plus $30 for excess blowing of landscaped areas) (plus $22 for average trim) the total is $242.00

    Each lawn is different then, you cant just say "what should I charge for a 5 acre lawn"?
  9. All_Toro_4ME

    All_Toro_4ME LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What kind of equipment do you have to mow the 5 acres with? I have several large, multi acre properties that I use my Z to mow them with. I generally aim for about a $1 -$2.50 per minute. Just depends on the property. After you mow multi acre lots for a while, you get to know a very good window as to how long your equipment will take you to get the job done.
  10. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    That 185 is the right price, you could even do it for 170 if you want the work.

    Depends on your mower, but assuming you have at least a 48" deck then it
    will take you around 45 minutes per acre flat out mowing, the larger decks allow
    a slightly more leisurely pace but anyhow...
    45 x 5 = 225 minutes, then figure an hour or so for trimming and add something
    for blowing... It's possible you can cut it down to 40 minutes per acre as well,
    but for the sake of argument lets just make it 5 hours.

    At 170 you're still grossing 34 an hour, what some folks fail to understand
    is 60 an hour is real easy to get when you only work for 15-20 minute
    stretches at a time, but once the labor turns into hours you're as well if not
    better off shooting for a lower hourly rate and get paid the entire time.

    Let me put it this way:
    If you had two lots like this, 5 acres each.
    Do one in the morning, break for lunch, then do the other in the pm...
    You'd still gross 340-370 for the day.
    You'd have to mow TEN $35 lawns for the same money!

    Another thing too though, 185, 190, it's almost the same thing.
    You can quote 185 and it's slightly better than 190 but not by much.
    180 sounds a little better, because that 5 at the end likes to ruin things lol
    The best prices usually end in 0, been my experience.

    If you quote 190 the guy is somewhat likely to agree,
    185 is almost the same, 180 is a little better then 175 a bit better still,
    now if you quote 170 I can almost guarantee you'll get the job,
    but I wouldn't go no lower and then that there gives you
    some bargaining room margins as well.
    So you might start at 185 or 190 but be ready to come down a bit.

    Peace out

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