5 acre price estimation

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Infinite, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. drmiller100

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    costs are high.

    if i can make 50 an hour while running the equipment and 25-30 for my guys not running equipment, it seems like life works out pretty good. but, you have to have 75 percent of the hours in a day at this rate.
    driving time, lunch time, BS time, maintenance time, and dump time don't count.
    around here in the summer i'm the cheap scab so far. got the biggest mower in the county beside govment with my 54 inch ztr. second biggest is a 32 inch walker with bagger. he didn't want the 5 acres.
  2. jarroo's lawncare

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    i got a call a couple of weeks ago to price 5 acres to a guy and i told him i woul do it for $200, i didn't get a call back so i guess he didn't feel like that was a good price.
  3. jpp

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    So you will be doing 5 acres with a walk behind? Does it have a sulky? 120 is to low for you walking the property. EVen if you can do an acre an hour walking you only will be charging 24 bucks an hour. Something to think to about.
  4. dlandscaping

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    That seems really low but I can not compare really because its different region. But doing that much will wear out your equipment really quickly. Think about it, to make up for a low price you will be going as fast as you can, putting a lot more strain on your machine. Why not try to get around 200. Charge the going rate, maybe 5-10% less since you need the work. If its wide open, they you really dont need much experience. At first it may take you a long time, but after a few strips you should get the hang of it. Bottom line, charge the going rate not a lot under it.
  5. Patrick.B

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    I'd do 6 acres Just mowing and charge $275 and that once a week ,,,,take me 2 hours and 15 mins......
  6. dexpress

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    $185 divided by 5 is only $37 per hour.......you are only making wages
  7. Victor

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    The only mower you list in your sig, is a 36" Gravely. Are you saying you mow 6 acres in 2hours 15 minutes with that? I figured you must have bought a bigger mower since you created your sig and haven't updated it yet.

  8. Patrick.B

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    PM144z Gravely is on my sign vic.....it 44 cut deck and i have 36 WB Gravely .. :D
  9. SOMM

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    5 acres or more with a 48" wb can wear out your gearbox in half a season, especially if you're riding a wheel plate behind it, and there are hills, terraces or grades. Its gonna take longer around trees too.

    Ever wonder if it was anonymous call from your competition to "case-out" your pricing?
  10. Patrick.B

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