5 acres to mow. what to get???

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by nosteiner4me, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. nosteiner4me

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    Question is have 5 acres to cut. Want to mow it fast but also have the ability to move mulch,large rocks, just an all over do it machine. I do have
    a small long hill in the front of the property not too steep but kinda tippy in spots, kinda bumpy when mowing fast. Do not say steiner , looking to
    replace a 28hp deisel steiner that steiner/Jacobsen just replaced because of
    many problems with a unit i had put 85 hrs on then died. Never used new unit because of changes they made, will not pick up a 72" deck,weak, has 4hrs. anyway ....what should i buy to replace this thing?
  2. Mic_bug

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    nosteiner...a 21" toro will give you lots of exercise with little trouble....but I think you may need to look at a kabota or ne holland about a 17hp diesel
  3. nathannc

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    Looks like you may need a full fledged compact tractor with turf tires, finish mower and with a front end loader. Depends a lot on the particulars of what you are trying to do and your budget. Check out the folks at tractorpoint.com for their input as well.
  4. logorhea

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    Nosteiner, don't give up on them yet. The new owners have dropped most of the junk Textron made them do (the Textron website has a Cessna jet as its centerpiece,) and the dealer I've been buying from for almost 30 years (14 units) said the new guys are really trying to do better. I sold a lot of Steiners for him, through using them for so many different things. They replaced 2 dumpbed units for me, the second with a tractor that lasted for 10 years after my Dad took it. They dropped the dumpbeds for 20 years, then made them as bad as the first ones, with new managers that didn't know the problems.

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