5 grand and looking to start my lawn Business

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by boombaby3, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I started doing lawn care about 7 months ago. Lawn care isn't my first business venture but know enough to add my 2 cents. All my mentioned equipment below cost less than $5000. I didn't buy all used. I am a little mechanical inclined. I Bought mostly used and read up on basic routine maintenance. The best advice I can give is buy the most with your money, not always the best and latest. Remember you are starting up. If you spend most of your money on that package from what I see you are going to need more money for more stuff anyway.
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    I started 6 years ago and I haven't spent 40K total on equipment in all of that time.

    I started out with a 1/2 ton, small trailer, 2 21" mowers, edger, string trimmer, and blower.

    I did make the mistake of not buying commercial equipment up front, and had to replace everything after the first year.

    I do agree with another post that I'd trust buying a used mower, but I'd buy new trimmers, blowers ect...

    In my opinion I wouldn't start out with a massive investment. I wouldn't go into debt to start a business. If you have 5k, that should get you set up just fine.

    I grew my business slowly, and only bought equipment as I needed it.

    I've never paid a dime in interest on any equipment or trucks.

    Some guys on here are of the go big or go home mentality, but I'm in business to make money, and you don't necessarily need to make a huge investment to get the ball rolling.

    I've grossed over 700k in my six years with about 20% growth year-to-year.

    Just my personality, but slow & steady wins the race for me.
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    Half-tons can haul quite a bit but I made the mistake and bought 4 of them. Get a 3/4 ton IF you can.
  4. Duekster

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    I would love to run several Diesel F 550 with a switch an go or similar system.
  5. BOSS LAWN 2343

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  6. Duekster

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    There is a local Chevy place that outfits the 2500 with a dovetail landscape rig. Like to find that on a Tundra but it seems unlikely. I do not think the 1/2 ton chassis are equipted for it. I find my Tundra's do tow pretty well but I know I will need to step up soon. I would like to ditch the trailers too.

    However, you gotta have a PU or a nice flat trailer if you go with a service body.
  7. crichardson

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    you put the key in turn it to on and it will crank and you drive it to yards and unload equipment and do your job finish up load up go to next one repeat.....all day every day.
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    Just starting off...I would use that money to get all your licenses, permits, and certs that you need for the services your going to offer. I would buy the minium amount of equipment needed to complete the jobs...think of it as crunch time...as you build up your clients you can hire someone to either mow while you continue to look for more clients just a dilligently or hire him to find the work...one or the other. You wont efficently be able to do both. Prolly do this for a year. Then start to upgrade your equipment as you replace them. But keep in mind that you get the same results from a residental version as you do a comercial piece of equipment....usually for a fraction of the cost. Setup a budget system and payroll system and a system for checks and balances.
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    Installs add-a-leafs on your Tundra and you will be good to go.
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    I am looking for the installer. The one that did the most in this area was sold to a bigger company which dropped the service

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