5 grand and looking to start my lawn Business

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by boombaby3, Mar 22, 2012.

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    I would say $15 k is a good start up fund. A truck can be hard to get for cheep without being junk.
  2. ArtLikeLandscapes

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    My start package

    Lesco 36 with 13 kawasaki picked it up from big time landscaper $140 with a dirty carburetor.
    stihl br400 dirty carburetor $50
    Stihl fs80 $40 dirty carb and fuel lines
    Stihl straight shaft edger $20 bad carburetor
    Maruyama handheld hedge trimmer $60 would run decent.
    5x10 trailer $300

    I have $460 year to date in the lesco and still use it every now and then.
    Put carburetor kits in all the handhelds and I still use them as backups.

    Still have the trailer I use for brush and mulch.

    I bought out 7 companies year to date that thought it was a good idea to buy all new equipment and start a company in a industry they have never worked in.

    The companies were not really companies and really just equipment on nice trailers.

    They did not come with clients because they had none.

    Start small and grow. Use what it takes to get by and buy what you want this winter when all the guys say I think I am going to get a regular job and hang this up.

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    Any body can pick up a mower and cut grass...not everybody is professional about mowing practices though...but all that takes time anyways. I started with an old 22"crapsman I found on the side of the road for free, used my battery operated yardworks trimmer, and a broom all in the trunk of my neon. I would have to take the 2nd battery & charger with me and plug into my clients outlets at the side of the house. Start small & use what you got if it still works. Only buy equipment if you absolutely NEED it. If you really do need a bunch of new equipment, buy new handhelds and a used mower with low hrs...you have to ask yourself if you really need it.

    Spend as little as possible and buy stuff as you need it. You definitly don't need 40k to start. You don't even need 5k!
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    A decent 5x10 trailer for $300 might be far fetched. But idk
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    BoomBaby 3 is gone,, started at 3/21/2013 Last post 3/22/2012. So this thing should be closed.
    Another one bites the dust!

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