$5 per 1k sq.ft,?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. gogetter

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    Does this sound about right to you guys?
    I generally do smaller lawns (3k to 6k sq.ft.).
    Trailer park lawns run around 3k sq.ft and I'm getting on average $15 each.
    Development lawns nearby run about 5k sq.ft and I'm getting on average $25 each.

    So today a woman asked for a price on her 10.5k sq.ft. lawn. I told $50. She said no way and she'll stick with the neighborhood kid. She's gonna let me clean her gutters and trium some hedges still, but I would have liked to gotten her lawn too.

    Am I way off base with these figures? Thanks for all your input.
  2. guntruck

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    Well from what i gather around here we are getting around 65$ an acre on average, that being said 10m/sqf for 50 bucks is quite high. Now i do have a 10m/sqf lawn that we do for 45 and even one for 50 but that is because we have a 32" w/b that gets in there gated yard so they pay the higher $$ to get it done. But i think most of our lawns like that are 40-45$$$ per cut.
  3. Grateful11

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    >She's gonna let me clean her gutters and trium some hedges still, but I would have liked to gotten her lawn too.

    I like when they do that. They know that the average scrub working out of his car is not going to do something like that. So they try to con you into doing all the dirty work. I have one customer that calls me to do stuff like this but they pay well and are very nice people and they have about 4 acres of beautiful lawn and they're getting older, get the picture.

    I have to admit $50 seems a bit steep for a 10k of grass. Around here that would be a $30 cut.
  4. KirbysLawn

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    It would depend on how much trimming is involved, I would say around $40 in my area.
  5. gogetter

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    I forgot to mention, she wants it done every other week! It's a nice clean lawn and I know she's not gonna want any clippings laying around (don't blame her), so there will almost surely be bagging even with the gator blades on my 36" exmark. I don't even have a bag, so I'd have to buy one.
    Not an excessive amount of trimming to do though so that's a plus.

    So, with this new info about it being every other week, does that change your thoughts, or do you still say it's a bit high?
    Thanks again.

  6. MOW ED

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    I do 10k's for 40.00 bagged up here ONLY if I am the one who fertilizes. If she wants it cut every other week for less than 50 bucks and you aren't fertilizing then you will be losing on this deal.
    I got tired of Scumlawn pouring a ton of N on the lawns and I have to spend time to make it look right for a reasonable price. Try it once or twice you will see how easy you can get 60+ bushels of grass clippings off of a 10k lawn. Not anymore. I apply the fertilizer and I regulate the growth, if I have to cut it.
    My advise is to keep doing her add-on work and watch the poor slob who has to cut her yard. When he finally quits showing up, you give this lady your terms. Your time and equipment are more valueable than this type of lawn.
    Good Luck.
  7. Greenkeepers

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    Why doesn't she have the "neighborhood kid" do all of the other work as well. I wouln't do anything for her... People need to realize that we just can't be thrown around.

  8. Buzzard

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    This does not sound like it's worth your effort. You'll need to buy a bagger only to get beat out by a neighborhood kid according to her, for a account that will be cut maybe 20 times for the remainder of the season.

    By the way, I charge a minimum service fee - $25, then add on $1/1000sq ft of turf, then add for every $6/1k linear ft of trimming. That way, a small yard that requires just as much time to load and unload, fuel to get to the property and cost of bidding gets enough to make it worth it.
  9. 65hoss

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    Probably $35 to $40. BUT, why not get the mulching kit for the 36" and end all bagging problems? The kit on that machine works awesome. Even on fescue. You can put in on and use it for all your lawns and people will notice you didn't side discharge. They will like the more manicured look.
  10. gogetter

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    Greenskeeper, the "kid" isn't allowed to use a string trimmer! (LOL!) according to her. And I'm sure he doesn't have a hedge trimmer.

    65hoss, I did a search on that mulch kit and heard some bad reviews about it. Heard it leaves a 1" stip of uncut grass.
    The local dealer that I bought the Exmark from said not to bother with it and go with Gator blades instead, but I'm still getting alot of visible clippings on the lawns (partly because everyone around here wants biweekly cuts!!).

    I really don't like the thought of buying a bag for the mower. Besides not wanting to have to empty it several times, the fact that it really gets in the way! Would make my nimble 36" mower about 5' wide!!! Need a rear bag design for walk behinds!!

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