5 repector plug to Ignition switch deteriorated

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Ronlawn, May 28, 2007.

  1. Ronlawn

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    I was fixing a shut off problem on a 91 Dixon 428, and discovered that the plug that goes on the ignition switch is falling apart. I'd hate to price a whole wiring harness when its just the one plastic plug that is breaking apart. (The switch part # 4197 is easy to get, and common to several brands). but can you get a 5 prong plug and splice it on to the old wires to go onto the switch, some of which have two wires feeding to a prong some just one wire?
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    The connectors are typically a standard part number IF you are in THAT industry!
    Examine the plug closely and look for ANY identifying names & numbers.

    The bad part is many of these connectors don't come as a "pigtail". You get the "body" and "pins". The wire is threaded through the body, pins crimped on and then pushed back into the body where they "lock".
    Look at the link for an example-
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    You can go to any Kohler dealer and purchase part # 48 155 01-S and just replace the plastic connector plug, They will have the locking spade connectors also part # 25 452 01-S should you need to replace them as well.
  4. Ronlawn

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    Thanks for the "how to" and part numbers.
  5. fixer67

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    Try this and see it it will work

    After market dealers
    Rotary #6662
    Stens 430-223
    Sunbelt B1SB6662

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