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I would not use a manual tranny for plowing. First, I don't think they will hold up as well and secondly you are already busy enough without having a clutch to deal with. after about 12 hours it's hard enough to deal with the automatic shifter right there under your hand, I can't imagine having to reach for a manual shifter for hours on end. On a heavy truck that was plwoing roads I can see it, but not on a light truck that will be maneuvering in driveways and parking lots.


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Eggy,<p>I plow with a standard. As Alan stated it is MORE work than an auto. Especially while backing up, my reverse is same gear as 1st(creeper). So it takes a long time to backup. This slows you down in larger parking lots. Also requires more control actuation, meaning clutch, brake, shifter, joystick. You will get good at it, but it is more tiring. <p>The only pro my stick has is 1st(creeper) gear. It is great for moving heavy piles, or going real slow around obstacles. Reliabilty has been excellent, as long as you have a good clutch, and know how to drive it. You will never overheat a manual tranny.<p>If I was buying a truck to plow with, it would be an auto...no question about it.<p>Dave

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Yes, I can't add more to the comments above other than to say get a high capacity cooler, change the ATF annually if you do lots of plowing, and stop completely before changing directions. That has been our simple recipe for ATF longevity.<p>85 degrees here in North Bay today - gotta love it while it lasts!<p>----------<br>John<br>


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Auto transmission all the way if you're doing commercial plowing. Working the clutch along with everything else gets old very fast.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Woodman


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On My F 650, and My 650 and 750 that are on the way, have autos. If you ever buy a big truck, you will find that it gets used more than ya thought. It also spends more time on the road that any other truck. Anyways the auto makes it easier all the way around.<p>Geoff