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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GAM321, Jul 22, 2001.

  1. GAM321

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    I am looking in to purchasing a truck just for my lawn business. I currently have 97 F 250hd with 7.3 Powerstroke ,At. Lease is up in Jan. No plowing any more. Truck will be pulling 7x16 trailer with 2 48" wb's and misc eq. I found a nice looking 94 F350 7.3 Powerstroke vynal seat rubber floor 150K miles for around $10k, perfict work truck but it is a 5 speed. I am looking for the pro's and cons of a stick pulling a trailer. Any input welcome. Thanks.
  2. Eric ELM

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    I would rather use a stick shift for pulling a trailer, but I would rather use an automatic for plowing, so I got an automatic the last time. Plowing with a stick shift will wear out your left leg after about 18 hours. :(
    With an automatic you don't need a left leg. ;)
  3. CMerLand

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    Whats the buyout on the lease and is it an extended cab??? Exactly the truck im looking for come winter only I'd need it two months sooner then January.

    I will always try to avoid sticks because not everyone can drive them. If your going to grow your business and not just buy a job then someday your employees will have to drive these trucks.

  4. Bob_McNaughton

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    I love sticks for trailers personally. I like to be able to have more control over my gearing and torque the stick gives me.
  5. Guido

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    What your going to concentrate on. If it was a dump and you did a lot of hauling and pulling large loads, etc, I would definetly go with the stick. On the other hand, like Eric said, unless your plowing roads or LARGE lots in the winter, I would go with the Auto.

    Another good point brought up was if your going to have employees tearing the clutch out of your vehicle or not, its something to be considered!

    Basically I just repeated the previous posts, but thats my opinion on the matter.

    Hope the input helped!
  6. GAM321

    GAM321 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks everyone. No employees yet but a good point to keep in mind.
    Cmerland current truck is an extended cab. Buyout is 17k I thout about buying it out but if you look at how much the truck cost all together it makes you sick. Pluss like i said i am buying a truck just for working. I will get a car for cruising to the beach every weekend.
  7. 1stclasslawns

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    The way that autos are being made nowa days the only benifit too a stick is downshifting on hills. If you havee trailer brakes you dont even need that too much.

    I myself hope I never have to push in another clutch! I guess I drovee a truck too long.

    Heck ,the fire engines I drive even have autos now the only stick we have in the dept is an 85 1/2 ton pickup!

  8. strickdad

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    hmmmm lets see if you have to put a clutch in it it will run about 425.00 dollars (parts and labor) if you have to have that automatic rebuilt it will cost between 1500.00 and 2000.00 (parts and labor) ***special note this is why tractor trailer trucks dont use automatics.... if you have time call the local ford dealer to verify my prices ..
  9. Bob_McNaughton

    Bob_McNaughton LawnSite Member
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    Gotta agree with Strickdad here. Clutches are super cheap and easy to put in and manual trannys never wear out. Autos are super-duper expensive, and can get ganked on plowing and heavy towing.
  10. Rooster

    Rooster LawnSite Senior Member
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    I hate to blow your bubble, but the tractor trailer trucks ( truck tractor) now are coming out with automatics.

    The young (cowboy) drivers don't seem to know how to drive with a manual transmission.

    Even the large trucks that the city I live in buys now are automatic.

    I guess that is call progress........

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