50 Accounts unreasonable?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BBL, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. CharlotteOutdoorImpact

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    I started late in the year.. July! and now have 8 accounts. I am very fortunate for these. We are in a MAJOR drought. No rain in 2months in my area. I plan on hiting it hard in the spring with marketing.. Any suggestions on what month to start? I am in Charlotte NC. I have several hundred post cards and business magnets, flyers etc... Is late Feb too early?

    Thanks and good luck to all.

  2. All_Toro_4ME

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    I don't think 50 accts is an unreasonable amt. to shoot for. As mentioned earlier, you will more then likely get a lot of PITAs, unstable accts, and yards that are ridiculosly tall at first. But 50 should be attainable after you weed out the bad apples.
  3. J&R Landscaping

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    I would say, between 35-50 is a resonable amount. How do you plan on obtaining these customers? What forms of advertising were you planing on?
  4. BBL

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    I am going to try with door hangers & flyers, I want to start late winter/early spring. I have 4 areas in mind and try to advertise to maybe 4-5 subs in each area and try to keep hitting them up over the season.
  5. P.Services

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    no you will not get them, i bet you wont even get 20 new ones, not to rain on your parade but its michigan every one with a pick up thinks they are a landscaper. your best chance is to knock on doors and have a smooth smooth speel a very nice looking truck dressed in a uniform, some great deal like "we pay 15 percent of your fert. bill when we mow" with some pro made flyers. no bs off your computer on pink paper studdering can i moooowwww yourrrrrr graaasssss
  6. jaybow

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    This is my first year and I have picked up 22 houses.I could have had 30 or more but have turned down some because I still work full time
  7. BBL

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    Yeah I know, no raining on my parade. I know it's pretty saturated with LCO's, and the economy is pretty down in the dumps. Hopefully I can get at least 35-40 or so, more would be nice.
  8. P.Services

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    dont get me wrong i had high hopes to, but it seems like every one with a hitch has a landscape bus. lawns just are hard to make money at right now. things should get better.
  9. Chilehead

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    I started my business in Oct.2002 with a leaf rake and a tarp. I dropped $125.00 in a newspaper ad that would run once a week(the only day the paper was published) for a month. I got about 20 customers. Only 3-5 stayed with me for my first spring. What did I do? Same thing:ran ana ad for a month in the same newspaper. I then got about 30 bites with 20 becoming good repeat customers. The rest have been referrals from then on. I plan on advertising this fall to supplement my lack of income due to the summer drought. Always budget months ahead of time for a backup plan--when the chips are down, you won't be for long! Best wishes with your business!
  10. Harshman

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    Just started in July and have 4 so far.

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