50 hrs + and Just a Gripe or two..

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    Bought my 42' last fall with 17 Kohler and LOVE IT!!.

    Only have had a few issues with it...were not really big deals untill I decided to change blades for the 1st Time this week. After that CHORE I'm ready to spill the beans about my....

    :confused: 'Built on Friday afternoon or Monday morning Mower' :confused:

    1st...when Changed the oil for the 1st time at the 5hr mark the Oil filter was on so tight that the filter wrench crumpled filter..resorted to using the old 'screwdriver' trick...but all that did was destroy remaining structure of filter. So I had to remove entire rear guard/bumper assmbly then use a chisel and hammer by lightly tapping what was left of filter to get it broke free. FILTER PUT ON BY SOMEONE WITH STERIODS!

    No biggie..

    2nd...Then about the 15 hr mark I removed the air filter cover to check out condition of filter for first time and noticed that the far 'fold' of the filter had been folded over and was actually pinned between the filter Gasket and the engine...thus causing a leak I am sure (Photo Attached).

    3rd...Again I took it in stride and kept on chugging along with it untill this week I decided to change blades, to make a long story short I could not even break one of the bolts free...So I took it to a Local repair shop (1st time ever had anyone work on any of my equipment) and they were amazed at the force it took 'Break' the nuts free....even with 'Blade breaker' They jokingly asked me if the last person to change blades was Hercules....( And Yes I was going the correct directions on the Filter/Blades)

    So I am just kinda tee'd...such a great piece of equipment and I feel that I was the Butt of someones Joke on a assembly line or something...And also a little concerned that foreign matter may have entered my engine through the incorrectly installed air filter.

    But I still Love it...

  2. mowerconsultant

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    we don't put the oil or air filter on the engines, they are on them when we take them out of the box from Kohler.
    Regardless I see your points and they are valid ones.
    From the picture you posted I don't think the air filter allowed the engine to ingest dirt, are the pleats torn?
    You need to bring these points up with your dealer, have you talked to them?
    I would want to make sure you have your air filter problem noted with them ASAP.
    As to the blades, we do assemble them and they are torqued to the recommended spec when they leave our factory, yes they are tight and they are a bear to get off if you don't have air tools or the right size breaker bar and blade locking tool.
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    So how big of an air tool do we need?
  4. nmurph

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    i distinctly remember having the same trouble removing the filter on my MFT for the first oil change, too. maybe Hustler could have a talk with Kohler?????
  5. mowerconsultant

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    I will send a copy of this email to our service manager and I am sure he will bring it up with Kohler.

  6. jstonemo

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    I had the exact same problem with the oil filter. I ended up using a giant pair of channel locks to remove the filter. Looks like the Kohler factory didn't lubricate the gasket when installing the filter.

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