50hz vs 60hz

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NiteTymeIlluminations, Apr 24, 2007.

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    I asked an electrician the difference between 50hz and 60hz earlier this week. he answered 10 hz...on a serious note though I am involved in a project where the electric is 50hz...the 60 hz transformers worked fine after 3 days and showed no problem BUT I'm afraid of long term damage to the transformer or the lights. The client doesnt seem to concerned but I am. My remedy is to supply 220volt 50hz transformers which is fine problem is the lights are set up to run on 60hz...

    the lights are 12 watt LED spot and floods and mushrooms...the transfomers are Hadco 1500 watt and some 600 watts. I need help!
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    OK Doug, here is your answer. AC voltage mean alternating current. That means that the current travels back and forth on the line. The number of times per second is the hz count. 60hz means that the voltage changes direction 60 times per second and 50 hz is 50 times. I don't think that 10hz would make a very big difference but I'm not a specialist when it comes to hz and transformers.

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