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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Q-Team Inc, May 27, 2004.

  1. Q-Team Inc

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    Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how long they think it would take to install a 50 X 60 pond using the aquascape system.
  2. Phishook

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    OK sorry I never got back to the PM's and the other post. But yes, it was all Aquascape products. I bid it too low, but still made a nice profit. It ended up being 37 x 22, and the stream was about 65'. I billed the out at 120 hrs, but came to 135.

    A 50x60? First, fax your drawing to Aquascape(630-466-5575).
    They'll tell ya what you'll need. For instance, they might say you need two skimmers, and a Grand Bio Falls. That will take longer than just one Grand skimmer, but would be better IMO.

    I would guestimate a 50x60, with 1 fall at the edge to need 200 hrs., at least. Then if you start adding things like a walk, bridges, and streams it goes up. You could be looking at a $30-35K project. Depth is another factor.

    Boulders? Probably somewhere around 30-35 TON, and 15 TON gravel.

    Have you been to a Build a Pond Day? Got the POnd Bible?
    If this is your first, don't be afraid to back down. $35K is a lot of dollars to mess with.
  3. WeatherMan

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    I agree with phishook.

    I would use 2 Grand Skimmers 2 Grand Bio Falls with 2 pumps and make 2 differnt falls for more water movement. But I would charge between $40K to $50K depending on the site.

    Your best bet since you have only been in biz for 2 years I would talk to aquascapes before you start the process

    Good Luck
  4. Phishook

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    If you're using two Grand skimmers, wouldn't you use four pumps?

    Why not two Standard skimmers?
  5. WeatherMan

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    Your right 4 pumps and I no that just was not thinking. Aquascapes recomends the grand skimmers on ponds larger than 30'X30'. The way I would build the pond is with 2 grand skimmers and 2 grand falls to increase the water flow and less maint. for the owner. A pond of that size using a standerd size skimmer would clog up quickly. Causing lots of Maint. time and future proplems

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